We design, implement, and monitor your retirement income plan whether you are planning your retirement or you are already retired. It’s never too late for a plan!

Retirement Income Plans

Establish a comprehensive retirement income strategy. Get your custom plan for reliable and rising income. Eliminate or reduce your risk to your nest egg and have greater control of your income.

Long-term Care Insurance

A long-term care policy covers caregiving needs if necessary. Don’t put a burden on your loved ones, it can be devastating. Professional caregivers are trained to assist in bathing, eating, and dressing. These services are not covered by Medicare. Protect your life savings.

Income Annuities

Engage your retirement income plan with an annuity that pays you now or pays you at a pre-determined date. Use guaranteed lifetime income to cover essential expenses along with social security and pension income.


Stop living a “JUST IN CASE” retirement. Spend money in retirement on things you enjoy while still leaving a legacy to your loved ones.

Social Security

Knowing your best claiming strategy, can put $100,000+ in your pocket over your lifetime.

How the Income Conductor Works

This is not an average annuity. This is a plan for reliable income for life.

“As I am getting closer to retirement, David and Bill introduced me to the Income Conductor retirement planning method. We have been modeling my retirement for the past two years. The model is straightforward and for a non-financial person to understand and ask questions. This process gives me a comfortable feeling as I look to my retirement date. I highly recommend Bill and David and Income Conductor.”

S. Anderson

Because you deserve a comprehensive income strategy for a worry-free retirement.