Introducing “Reliability of Income”

Your Go-To Monthly Letter for Single Women Near or in Retirement!

Are you a single woman nearing retirement, or already in retirement?

Do you worry about how to build a reliable and rising lifetime income that will sustain you through the golden years? Look no further! “Reliability of Income” (ROI) is here to guide you on your financial journey.

Authored by Bill and David, founders of the Retirement Income Planning Group, ROI is a monthly letter that provides expert advice on creating a stable income stream that you can rely on. Bill and David have firsthand experience with the unexpected events that can disrupt a reliable income, such as Bill’s wife Carol’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease. They understand the challenges that single women face in managing taxes, inflation, large unexpected expenses, helping family, and rising healthcare costs. 

In each issue of ROI, you’ll find valuable insights on how to build and manage your income in retirement. From strategies to maximize your retirement savings, to tips on navigating tax laws and inflation, to advice on handling unexpected expenses and rising healthcare costs, ROI has you covered. Bill and David’s expertise and real-life experiences make ROI a trustworthy resource for single women looking for reliable financial guidance in retirement.

Don’t leave your retirement income to chance. Let ROI be your trusted companion on the path to financial security. Subscribe now and unlock the secrets to building a reliable and rising lifetime income that will support you throughout your retirement years.